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About Us – Cleaning Services in Cirencester and Cheltenham

services-ironAllen cleaning has been running for many years and employs local staff, we always do our best and get good results. Carpet cleaning obviously cleans the carpets but also raises the carpet pile, and freshens the carpet, the carpets become brighter and cleaner. It’s a good feeling to know we are helping people who are short of time to clean and through our cleaning services we can perform a regular residential clean or an end of tenancy clean for an estate agent or letting agent, thus allowing them to be paid back their deposits.

We clean for residential clients on a weekly basis, and also clean for businesses around the area, if you would like your home cleaned or office cleaned please contact us on 01285 861412.

Based in South Cerney we are keen to expand the business locally, helping people to free up time for the finer things in life, his motto we clean so you don’t have to really sums it up, so why not give us a call, we will attend to provide you with a free quotation, and we can come and clean your home for you on a weekly or fortnightly basis cleaning your home, doing the ironing, even the laundry, we will organise the whole process so you can spend more time with family, more time for yourself all for a very reasonable charge, and as its very flexible you can have as many or as few hours per visits as you wish (min 2 hrs) and daily, weekly, or fortnightly visits we have a cleaning programme to suit every budget.

Take a look at our cleaning services page to see what we can do for you.

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