Window Cleaning

Allen Window Cleaning Services caters for domestic or residential window cleaning in Cirencester, as well as commercial, and industrial properties throughout Swindon and Cheltenham.

We are committed to providing outstanding customer satisfaction. The exceptionally high standard of our work ensures that most of the work we acquire comes from word of mouth and repeat business. Our aim is to bring a regular, reliable and professional service with a smile and at a reasonable price.

We can take on any size job, from individual windows on residential properties to pubs, factories and large office blocks.

How We Work:

  • We work with the latest window cleaning systems, water fed poles using specially filtered water to remove minerals and impurities.
  • We only use 100% purified water and every amount used on your windows is 100% clean.
  • We use the correct cleaning agent and not cheap liquid soap.
  • We use correct micro fibre clothes and clothes, equipment are cleaned every time after the day’s work.
  • We clean domestic, offices, shops and businesses properties and will also clean internal windows when required.
First clean offer